We Will Overcome

Written by Coach Josh Shaw on Wednesday, 30 August 2017.

After a disappointing loss last Friday night, I could not be more proud of how our guys have responded this week, in the weight room and on the football field.  The first two games have exposed several areas in which we need some major adjustments on our team.  Any time you have a team with such inexperience or youth, it’s always a challenge to get the players to know what it takes to win, and know the work ethic required, in order to be the absolute best you can be. That has been our focus this week. 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we made up our minds early in the summer that our words for the year are TOGETHER, BELIEVE, and BROTHERHOOD.  We are still preaching these words every day.  Regardless of the result, we are ALL in this together.  We share victory together, and we share heartache together.  The belief we have in each other has not waivered one bit.  Unfortunately, the world and community look at the “scoreboard” in life, yet we refuse to let that define us.

This week, we host Creekview at Tommy Baker Field.  Creekview is coming off a big win, in their first game last Friday.  Last year’s contest came down to the last play of the game, and it was one we still remember today.  Their offense was impressive last week, as was their defense.  So, we look forward to hosting them tomorrow night.

As we continue to analyze our weaknesses and work harder and harder to make improvement each week, and as we gear up for the region part of our schedule, our focus has been to “just get better today.”  Don’t worry about tomorrow or Friday night’s game.  Just be better today than you were yesterday.  We can’t worry about what tomorrow may have for us, good or bad.  We just have to focus on the task at hand.  So many people want to focus on the outcome, or the end result, but that’s not how you learn and grow.  Nick Saban tells his players, “Don’t look at the scoreboard.  Whether you’re ahead or behind shouldn’t affect how you participate.”  Be your best in ALL you do.  You may not agree with how you are being treated at work; just get better.  You may get passed over for a promotion; just get better.  It may look like the cards are stacked against you; just get better.  Don’t let your past dictate your future; just get better.  Don’t make excuses; JUST GET BETTER!

We promise to do that each and every week, and know that we love and appreciate you.  During the good and bad times, we lean on encouragement from our fans and supporters of our program.  These kids are working their tails off and we are continuing to push them past places they never thought they could get.  Therefore, we are thankful for the sustenance that some of you are showing after a rough start.  Things WILL get better!  Sometimes, we don’t see life’s bigger picture and all that life is trying to teach us, but I can promise you this; WE WILL OVERCOME!  

About the Author

Coach Josh Shaw

Coach Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is the Head Coach of the Cherokee High School Warriors Football Team.