We Have The Power

Written by Coach Josh Shaw on Thursday, 19 October 2017.

  Even though our record would indicate otherwise, I can honestly say I am excited about this team, just as I was before the first game. Despite the adversity, doubt, and hurt we have all experienced this year, our players and coaches still BELIEVE in each other. They are extremely positive and keep our coaches motivated on a daily basis. I knew they were special when we first started Red Dawn workouts in February, and I continue to believe that today. This is the true definition of BROTHERHOOD. Nothing stands in their way of believing in each other. For that, I am extremely thankful.

We enjoyed the “bye week” for many different reasons. Not only did we get a chance to practice a few days last week and go back and focus on some fundamentals, but also our Junior Varsity team avenged a previous loss in the season with a big win on Monday night of the bye week. Then, they produced another big win this past Monday night, 40-18. That ends the season for these guys, and they ended up 4-2 on the year. I cannot tell you how proud I am of these guys. This gives us reason to be excited for our future, while still being focused on finishing strong this year.

I hope you can hear and sense the overwhelming positivity in my “voice.” Regardless of the circumstances surrounding you, good or bad, I think a positive outlook can help you in more ways than you can even imagine. It would be easy to become negative and allow negativity “center stage” in our program, but we refuse to allow that. We choose to drown out the negative voices and replace them with nothing but positivity. In Jon Gordon’s article titled “The Power of Positivity,” he refers to Barbara Fredrickson’s Broaden and Build Theory. Based on research, she found that as people experience more emotions that are positive the following is true:

  1. They become more resilient to stress.

  2. They develop a broader perspective that allows them to see the big picture and identify solutions.

  3. They build more meaningful relationships and connections and flourish in their lives and careers.

You see, being positive is a choice. A hard choice, nonetheless, but a choice. Life happens whether we like it or not, but how we respond to what happens helps mold and shape who we are. Like Gordon talks about so frequently, you have the power to choose positivity. He says,

The most exciting aspect of all this is that WE have the power to improve our lives, relationships and teams by cultivating and experiencing more positive thoughts and emotions. We have the power to influence how we think and feel and thus influence the direction of our careers.

We have the power to develop positivity within ourselves, and in the process, positively contribute to a team and organization. The more positivity we develop on the inside the stronger and resilient we become in facing the world on the outside. Positivity is a muscle and we can develop it.

The future belongs to those who believe in it and have the mindset, resilience, and perspective to overcome all the challenges in order to create it. There is a power of positivity.

This week we play the eighth game of the season a few miles down the road. Not only is this a big region game for us, but it’s also a big in-county game, as well. We were forced to win the game last year in overtime against this team, and I know our guys are excited about the opportunity to play them again. I hope you will make the trip down there and join us. As always, we need you and we rely on you, heavily.

Thanks again for your continued support. Know that our players, coaches, and booster club greatly appreciate all you do for us. Thank you for reading and supporting us and we look forward to seeing you real soon.

Coach Shaw

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Coach Josh Shaw

Coach Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is the Head Coach of the Cherokee High School Warriors Football Team.