GRIT Is Not A One Game Thing

Written by Coach Josh Shaw on Thursday, 07 September 2017.

  These players keep my spirits high. These guys keep our coaches encouraged and fired up to work harder and harder each week. We’ve been hit in the gut. We’ve been hit in the face. Yet, Monday, on a holiday mind you, these guys showed up ready to work. Monday’s practice was energetic and we had a blast, which is the way it ought to be. They continue to be positive and BELIEVE that we will get things turned around. They continue to believe that there is much to learn from what we’ve been through the past few weeks. In the midst of the storm we are going through, these players seem to be weathering through it with sheer GRIT and determination.

Jon Gordon says, “Grit is not a one game thing. It is not a three game thing. It’s revealed over an entire season, career, and life.” I can promise you one thing, in spite of the rejection we’ve faced so far this year, our players keep coming to work every day and fighting through whatever obstacle is in their way. They hear negative comments from the outside world, yet they keep showing up with a positive, yet gritty approach each and every day! Sometimes life just “gets” you! Sometimes, things just don’t make sense. Sometimes, you prepare as hard as you can, and sometimes it’s just not “enough” on a scoreboard.

This week, we welcome the Lambert Longhorns to Tommy Baker Field. Lambert is coming to Cherokee and is looking for their first win, as well. They’ve faced two tough opponents in their first game and are as hungry for a win as we are. Somebody will walk off the field winners for the first time Friday night. I have a great respect for their coaching staff and their program, so I expect it to be one heck of a battle. We need you there. We need you to be early and be LOUD in your seat!

Please keep encouraging these guys when you see them around. The thing that we see each week in practice is that these guys ARE GETTING BETTER. Unfortunately, while the scoreboard is what we are judged on week to week, these guys are improving each and every day. In life, scoreboards don’t define us. They don’t dictate the kind of kids we have on our team. While we are 0-3 so far this year, we have WINNERS on this team. We have guys who are doing everything within their power to get better and make their team better. We have guys volunteering to move positions if it will help the team.   We have guys willing to take lesser roles on this team, if it will make the team better. As the head coach, I couldn’t ask for more.

You see we all go through “storms” in life. I’ve heard it said that, “You are either headed for a storm. You are in a storm, or you just came out of a storm.” That is true of all of us. Some are dealing with the loss of a family member. Some are dealing with sickness and recent bad news about their health. Some are having problems at their job. Some are having problems with their child. Some are having problems in their marriage. We ALL face adversity like this. So, what can we take from that? We need to have GRIT! Jon Gordon defines “Grit”: To work hard for a long period of time towards a goal, to persevere through challenges, overcome obstacles and keep moving forward in the face of failure, rejection and adversity.”

Therefore, I challenge you in whatever you are going through. I challenge you to keep fighting just as our players are. I challenge you to keep your eyes on your “goal.” I challenge you to keep fighting and be relentless in what you want for yourself, your family and your health. Just like our players BELIEVE in each other and are TOGETHER in all that they do, because they love and want to protect their BROTHERHOOD, you can do the same thing. I am thankful for the lessons, the ones that come behind us teach us at times. Be encouraged, as well. You CAN fight through. You CAN win if you have GRIT!

About the Author

Coach Josh Shaw

Coach Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is the Head Coach of the Cherokee High School Warriors Football Team.